Meet Neha Saini, a passionate author on a mission to make complex topics delightfully simple. With a master’s degree in computing systems from Georgia Tech and over 16 years of experience in the world of computer programming, she's your guide to demystifying the digital realm. Originally from the colorful tapestry of India and now proudly rooted in the USA for the past 12 years, Neha carries the rich traditions of her homeland into her work. 

She believes in the power of diversity and inclusion in technology and is a fervent advocate for girl empowerment. When she's not typing away at her keyboard, Neha is often found exploring the great outdoors or enjoying the company of her family. Her debut book "SQL Quest: A Journey Through Data "for kids is not just a testament to her expertise but also her commitment to making tech accessible to all.

Join Neha on a journey into the exciting world of coding made easy, and discover how she's shaping the future, one line of code at a time.

Join me in this incredible journey to inspire young minds, advocate for girls in tech, and make coding a delightful adventure through my enchanting book,

 “SQL Quest: A Journey Through Data”  

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Neha's Upcoming Book "Python Quest" for kids

Release date - January 2024

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